Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. How to Make a Radiator Work

    In this video, Jason of Feature Radiators will provide 5 top tips to get your radiator working
  2. Modern Radiator Finishes

    Designer radiators, cast iron radiators, vertical radiators and column radiators are now available in a variety of paints, metals and textured finishes to enhance the aesthetic of the radiator and match a wide range of interiors.
  3. Perfect Heating for Summerhouses, Garden Rooms and Posh Sheds

    Heating for summer houses is important, it makes them accessible into the later evenings and all year round.
  4. Why is My Radiator Leaking?

    Feature Radiators experts provide sound advice on the most critical of issues. A rare but significant problem with radiators is a leak.
  5. Trailer for Feature Radiators

    Feature Radiators aims to provide interesting content on its youtube channel to help you answer any radiator orientated questions. Our videos will cover all aspects from bleeding a radiator to joining cast radiators together
  6. How to Choose Flat Panel Radiators

    There are a wealth of minimalistic, flat panel radiators on the market, available at a wide range of prices, but how can you tell which offer good value for money?
  7. How To Join Radiators

    Cast iron radiators and some designs of steel column and aluminium radiators are “sectional” in nature, meaning they are made of a number of sections that are joined together.
  8. Efficient Yet Stylish Radiators

    Feature Radiators by name Feature radiators by nature!
  9. How to choose an Electric or “Dual Fuel” Towel Rail

    Many styles of heated towel rails and radiators are now not only available in central heating versions, but also in electric versions, where there is no central heating, or as “dual fuel” versions, for when you want to still have warm towels in the summer when the heating is turned off.
  10. How to choose a heated towel rail or bathroom radiator

    The choice of towel radiators these days is huge.