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Ron Radiator

Inspired by 1950's aircraft technology, Ron is a series of sleek, ellipsoid aluminium extrusions. Not only is Ron frighteningly gorgeous, it also shoots heat into the air, through its convection-promoting double barrelled elliptical chimneys, giving one of the highest heat output of any good looking radiator ever made. Made in the UK.

  • Beautiful British product
  • High heat outputs
  • Huge range of sizes and finishes
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Lead Time:Approximately 6 to 10 weeks

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  • Lead time: All Ron radiators are by special order.  Polished aluminium and white – approximately 6 to 8 weeks / Other colours and finishes – approximately 8 to 10 weeks.  Special order means that an order cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced.
  • Finishes: “Your Colour” – choose from a wide selection of RAL colours make up the standard colour range and are available at the prices listed.  Bespoke colour-matching service is available – please ask for details.  Compost, Maggie and Fop are textured paint finishes.  Swatches available on request.  Ron is also available in an unusual range of vinyl wrap finishes such as “Shipwreck” – please ask for details.
  • Design: More sizes are also available – please ask for a quote. This radiator is wall-mounted without feet, but floor-standing models (with feet) are also available – see Leggy Ron radiator.
  • Towel rails: Some sizes are available with a towel bar for an additional charge – see Ron towel radiator.
  • Material: Made of aluminium.
  • Delivery: We offer delivery to most addresses on the UK mainland (excluding some remote areas).
  • Fixings: Radiators are supplied with the necessary fixings i.e. wall bracket, plugs, bushes and vents. ½”connections are supplied as standard.  Screws are not supplied.
  • Projection from the wall: 120mm.
  • Valve connections: Side valve connections as standard, so you need to add 150mm in total to the width of the radiator to allow for the valves (these are not the pipe centre measurements). Underside valve connections are available on request for a surcharge.
  • Valves and finishing touches: These are not included as there is now so much choice available. See our Valves page for valves and accessories to complete the look.
  • Pipe centre measurements: Approximate pipe centres can be provided if you wish to install your pipework in advance of receiving your radiator.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Heat outputs: These are shown at operating temperatures of Delta T 50. To alter this, please use our handy Delta T Value Changer shown on every product.
  • Water treatment: The manufacturer’s guarantee will only be valid if your radiators are installed in accordance with British Standards. This means that, on completion of installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled to remove debris and minimise the presence of solid particles and chemical residues, which may cause corrosion and damage within the system. Corrosion inhibitor should be used in accordance with British Standards and should take into account the particular metals within the system.
  • Terms and Conditions: All sales are subject to our standard Ts and Cs; a copy can be downloaded from our website.
  • Tested to meet EN442 certification
  • CE Marked
  • VAT: The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
  • VAT: The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
  • More Information
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    Prices shown below are for a selection of sizes in our standard colour range. Many other sizes and colours are also available - please ask for a quote or use the drop down boxes above. For more information see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab.
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    HeightWidthFinish Watts DT50 BTUs DT50 Price incl VAT
    1500mm206mmStandard Colour 815 2782 £887.00
    600mm414mmStandard Colour 582 1987 £963.53
    1800mm206mmStandard Colour 954 3256 £1,008.70
    400mm622mmStandard Colour 769 2625 £1,155.49
    1800mm258mmStandard Colour 1193 4070 £1,238.29
    1000mm414mmStandard Colour 1150 3925 £1,280.95
    1500mm310mmStandard Colour 978 3337 £1,297.26
    600mm622mmStandard Colour 874 2981 £1,423.97
    1800mm310mmStandard Colour 1431 4884 £1,467.89
    400mmW830mmStandard Colour 821 2801 £1,531.87
    1500mm414mmStandard Colour 1631 5563 £1,703.75
    600mmW830mmStandard Colour 1165 3976 £1,880.64
    1000mm622mmStandard Colour 1725 5887 £1,893.19
    400mm1038mmStandard Colour 1026 3501 £1,908.25
    1800mm414mmStandard Colour 1523 5197 £1,932.08
    200mm1246mmStandard Colour 826 2817 £1,933.34
    1500mm518mmStandard Colour 1631 5563 £2,114.00
    200mm1454mmStandard Colour 962 3283 £2,257.02
    400mm1246mmStandard Colour 1232 4202 £2,288.39
    600mm1038mmStandard Colour 1456 4968 £2,343.59
    1000mmW830mmStandard Colour 2300 7849 £2,499.17
    400mm1454mmStandard Colour 1437 4903 £2,666.03
    600mm1246mmStandard Colour 1747 5962 £2,800.27
    200mm1870mmStandard Colour 1240 4232 £2,894.36
    400mm1662mmStandard Colour 2052 7003 £3,041.15
    200mm2078mmStandard Colour 1378 4701 £3,211.78
    600mm1454mmStandard Colour 2038 6954 £3,256.94
    400mm1870mmStandard Colour 2304 7860 £3,422.54
    600mm1662mmStandard Colour 2327 7938 £3,717.38

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