Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. Why buy from Feature Radiators

    Jason talks through valid reasons why to buy from feature radiators.
  2. How to move pipes to fit radiators

    In this video our radiator expert Jason talks through the process of measuring pipes and considering altering pipe work.
  3. A Buyer's guide to Vertical Radiators

    Here radiator expert Jason guides us through some vertical radiator options and points out some key facts for efficiency and space saving.
  4. Buyers guide to Cast Iron Radiators

    In this video our expert, Jason, talks through the variations in cast iron radiators and what to consider when buying a cast iron radiator.
  5. How to size up a Curved Column Radiator

    Here our expert, Jason, talks through how to measure correctly to accommodate the curved radiator in your space.
  6. Heat output calculator for radiators

    Whether it is BTU or Watts, our helpful radiator heat calculation video will guide you through exactly how to calculate the heat required for your room from a radiator.
  7. Three steps to balance a radiator

    Jason, one of the expert team at Feature Radiators, shows you how to balance a radiator on a piped central heating system.
  8. How to fix a leaking Radiator

    We identify reasons a radiator might leak and offer expert advice in resolving the issue.