Towel Rails

Towel Rails

Perfect for the smallest room in the house, heated towel rails are an ingenious space saving method of heating the bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom whilst providing you with warm and toasty towels.

Our bathroom radiator collection comprises of a stunning array of modern designer towel rails and traditional towel radiators in a huge range of designs, sizes and finishes, many of which are available in electric and "dual fuel" versions as well as for just central heating.

Choose from the most popular ladder-style rails in gleaming chrome, classic white or striking colours or go for a contemporary towel heater made of stainless steel, offering a stunning, easy-clean finish with a long life expectancy even in wetrooms. Mirror radiators also add the feeling of light and space. Alternatively go for a period style towel radiator with ball-joints in brass, chrome or copper finishes, perfect for any traditional setting. 

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details. Please order with confidence. 

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  1. Bramham towel radiator - STOCKED
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Bramham towel radiator - STOCKED

    A high output towel radiator but in a traditional design, Bramham is a popular option so we hold high stock levels to keep prices low and lead times short.

    In stock
  2. Bramham traditional towel radiator
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Cast iron towel rail

    A high quality cast iron towel radiator, unique design means it becomes a feature radiator in any bathroom

    In stock
  3. Eldwick towel radiator - STOCKED
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Eldwick towel radiator - STOCKED

    A tall design of traditional towel rail that offers a high heat output in a narrow gap thanks to the column radiator insert. In stock for next day delivery.

    In stock
  4. Etna towel rails collage copy
    Sale - 15% off RRP
    Etna towel rail

    Heated towel rails in a ladder style that are stocked in textured beige, brown and black finishes, offering a great match to organic tile finishes.

    In stock
  5. Igloo towel rails collage
    Sale - 15% off RRP
    Igloo towel rail

    A popular tube-in-tube ladder style towel radiator, offering plenty of hanging space in many sizes. Held in stock in white and chrome for next day delivery.

    In stock
  6. Alpine straight towel rails collage
    Sale - 15% off RRP
    Alpine Straight towel rail

    Stainless steel towel rails held in stock in a range of sizes for next day delivery. Choose from central heating, electric or "dual fuel" versions. 25 year guarantee.

    In stock
  7. Alpine bow-fronted towel rails collage
    Sale - 15% off RRP
    Alpine Bow towel rail

    100% stainless steel ladder style towel warmer with a bow-front. Choose from a range of sizes in brushed or polished finishes, all for next day delivery.

    In stock
  8. Malham period towel rail
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Malham towel rail - STOCKED

    A traditional design of towel radiator that includes ornate ball joints. This standard size is held in stock to ensure quick delivery and a low price.

    In stock
  9. Bedale towel radiator - STOCKED
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Bedale towel radiator - STOCKED

    A towel rail with column radiator insert means a high output from this traditionally styled model. Available from stock for quick delivery and a low price.

    In stock
  10. Leyburn ball-jointed towel rail
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Leyburn towel rail - STOCKED

    There is plenty of towel drying space on this heated towel rail designed for period settings. Stocked in central heating, dual fuel or electric versions.

    In stock
  11. Ski towel rails collage
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Ski towel rail

    Tube-on-tube style ladder radiator with lots of hanging space for a low price. White and chrome models are stock & colours are available by special order.

    In stock
  12. Ball jointed towel rail
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Ball jointed towel rail

    Sumptuous ball joints in a ladder style, available in some classic colours for a traditional towel rail in your interior

    In stock
  13. Capa stainless steel towel rail in copper lacquer
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Capa towel rail

    A stainless steel towel rail finished in copper or brass lacquers for use in modern or traditional bathrooms.

    In stock
  14. Deco towel rail
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Deco towel rail

    Inspired by the geometric design of the 20s and 30s, Deco is made of hexagonal brass tubes finished in chrome ensuring a long physical and aesthetic life.

    In stock
  15. Linton heated towel rail
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Linton towel rail

    A tall traditional style towel radiator that comes in chrome as standard but can be finished in antique brass, rose gold or polished copper amongst others.

    In stock
  16. Moreton towel radiator
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Moreton towel rail

    Top quality brass towel rad available a choice of top coats inc nickel, chrome and antiqued copper and in bespoke sizes both central heating and electric.

    In stock
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Will a heated towel rail heat my bathroom?

Yes, provided it’s the right size for your bathroom. If you intend to use a towel radiator as the sole source of heating in your bathroom, then be sure to choose a towel radiator that gives out enough heat for your room. You can calculate the required heat output using our formula as stated above or contact our sales team who can do it for you. Be aware, bathrooms need to be a lot warmer than other rooms in the house, to counteract the lack of clothing!

Towel radiators fall into two categories: those used solely to warm towels (where a separate radiator is used to heat the bathroom); and those used to warm towels and heat the bathroom. If your bathroom is compact and well-insulated, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a towel radiator that will heat your bathroom and keep your towels warm. If on the other hand, your bathroom is large and/or poorly insulated, most conventional towel rails will not have the capacity to heat it on their own.

The best solution would be a powerful radiator, with integral hanging rails for your towels. Many of these towel radiators are included in the towel rail and contemporary sections of this site. Remember: towel rails don’t just have to go in the bathroom, so why not go for one in your kitchen as well? See our Youtube guide How to choose a towel rail