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Ladder Style Towel Rails

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  1. Alpine Straight towel rail
    Alpine Straight towel rail From -
    £189.54 £157.95

    Stainless steel towel rails held in stock in a range of sizes for next day delivery. Choose from central heating, electric or "dual fuel" versions. 25 year guarantee.

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  2. Alpine Bow towel rail
    Alpine Bow towel rail From -
    £288.60 £240.50

    100% stainless steel ladder style towel warmer with a bow-front. Choose from a range of sizes in brushed or polished finishes, all for next day delivery.

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  3. Negra towel rail
    Negra towel rail From -
    £255.54 £212.95

    Our best-selling stainless steel towel rails are now available in a black paint finish to add real drama to a contemporary bathroom.

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  4. Midas towel rail
    Midas towel rail From -
    £247.20 £206.00

    Available from stock in a "brushed brass" golden paint finish, this heated towel rail provides a luxury feel but with a low price tag and quick delivery.

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  5. Estante towel rail
    Estante towel rail From -
    £322.80 £269.00

    Square steel tubes with optional wood shelves in oak, teak or beech provides a practical yet stylish heating option for any contemporary bathroom.

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  6. Brunswick towel rail
    Brunswick towel rail From -
    £475.14 £395.95

    A square tubed ladder style heated towel rail offering 25 year guarantee, thanks to its stainless steel construction, and next day delivery.

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  7. Etna towel rail
    Etna towel rail From -
    £200.93 £167.44

    Heated towel rails in a ladder style that are stocked in textured beige, brown and black finishes, offering a great match to organic tile finishes.

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  8. Longitube towel rail
    Longitube towel rail From -
    £320.34 £266.95

    A long and low ladder style towel radiator for use under windows or above baths. Stainless steel design available next working day with 25 yr guarantee.

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  9. Igloo towel rail
    Igloo towel rail From -
    £81.60 £68.00

    A popular tube-in-tube ladder style towel radiator, offering plenty of hanging space in many sizes. Held in stock in white and chrome for next day delivery.

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  10. Ski towel rail
    Ski towel rail From -
    £136.80 £114.00

    Tube-on-tube style ladder radiator with lots of hanging space for a low price. White and chrome models are stock & colours are available by special order.

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  11. Albatross towel rail
    Albatross towel rail From -
    £342.00 £285.00

    This ladder-style towel radiator is available in a double version, offering the biggest heat output of any heated towel rail that we can find.

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  12. Robin bow-fronted towel rail
    Robin bow-fronted towel rail From -
    £242.11 £201.76

    This curved design of heated ladder rail offers a smooth design in a range of sizes and is held in stock in anthracite and chrome. Dual fuel available.

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  13. Swiss towel rail
    Swiss towel rail From -
    £295.32 £246.10

    A top quality chrome towel radiator with extra thick chrome for a long life expectancy. Central heating, dual fuel and electric versions are available.

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  14. Tab towel rail
    Tab towel rail From -
    £258.34 £215.28

    A flat fronted towel radiator that comes in single and double versions for a high heat output and stocked in 4 colours, white, black, brown and beige.

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  15. Oval towel rail
    Oval towel rail From -
    £190.80 £159.00

    The chunky elliptical tubes of this towel radiator means a big heat output and the choices of finishes including polished stainless steel can match to any setting.

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  16. Shorty towel rail
    Shorty towel rail From -
    £361.31 £301.09

    This low towel radiator starting at only 384mm high fits neatly under windows or above baths, making use of previously unused bathroom or kitchen space.

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  17. Inca towel rail - SALE
    Inca towel rail - SALE From -
    £132.00 £110.00

    A small stainless steel towel rail, perfect for use in en-suites and cloakrooms. Also available in an electric version for use where the is no central heating.

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  18. Capa towel rail
    Capa towel rail From -
    £268.80 £224.00

    A stainless steel towel rail finished in copper or brass lacquers for use in modern or traditional bathrooms.

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  19. Ecologico aluminium towel rails
    Ecologico aluminium towel rails From -
    £279.60 £233.00

    An aluminium ladder-style heated towel rail offering a practical, eco-friendly design in stunning graphite finish.

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  20. Alpine Mitre towel rail
    Alpine Mitre towel rail From -
    £452.34 £376.95

    Unique squared off corners give this radiator a unique look. Stainless ensures a long life expectancy with a stunning finish. 25 year guarantee and next day delivery.

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  21. Dex towel rail
    Dex towel rail From -
    £145.20 £121.00

    This bow-fronted radiator with projecting rails has plenty of capacity for drying towels and is available in white, grey and a range of other colours.

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  22. Ladda towel rail
    Ladda towel rail From -
    £582.60 £485.50

    This really is a ladder style radiator, made of stainless steel with plenty of towel drying space, 25 year warranty and held in stock for next day delivery.

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Last updated: 17/09/2020