Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators

Feature Radiators offers a stunning collection of electric radiators in a huge range of sizes, colours and heat outputs, providing the ideal heating solutions for any space without a piped system.

Modern & Traditional Styles

Our collection consists of traditional to ultra-modern designs. The range includes authentic cast iron and column models, which are designed to contrast with our contemporary designs and minimalist radiant panels, all designed to seamlessly blend into walls.

Innovatively Controlled

Link our range wirelessly to form a central heating system around your house. Alternatively, use electric radiators independently in garden rooms or posh sheds and even conservatories or extensions where you can add an electric radiator as a boost to an existing central heating system.

Utilising modern technology, our products are designed to minimise energy usage and maximise efficiency. Upgrade today with our stunning energy efficient electric radiators with our innovative and user-friendly smart controls.

Quality Assured

All our electric products are CE certified and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Designed for use on British electrical circuits, but they may also be used abroad so please ask our team prior to purchase as regulations vary between countries. For more information please call our expert team on 01274 567789

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details. Please order with confidence. 


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Know what heat output you require? Enter it into the below field and we'll let you know if a radaitor is right for your room.

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  1. Electric Core column radiators
    Up to 33% off RRP!
    Core Electric Radiator 302mm - 602mm High

    Industrial chic meets classic design with the latest in our electric column radiator range. Electric Core offers stylish heating where there is no piped system.

    In stock
  2. Electric aluminium Alchemy radiator
    Alchemy Electric Radiators

    High heat outputs, lots of sizes, light weight and quick delivery makes the Electric Alchemy radiator a popular choice for those without central heating.

    In stock
  3. Electric Victorian 3 cast iron radiator
    Victorian 3 Electric Radiators

    Our best-selling cast iron radiator in an electric version has been designed for use where there is no piped heating system. Many sizes and finishes.

    In stock
  4. 30% off RRP
    Victorian 4 Electric Radiators - Pre filled
    Victorian 4 Electric Radiators - Pre filled

    Our best-selling cast iron radiator in an electric version has been designed for use where there is no piped heating system. Many sizes and finishes.

    In stock
  5. Pod electric radiator in anthracite dark grey
    Pod Electric Radiators

    A twist on a design classic, Pod offers a chunky version of a steel column radiator in both short and tall versions in white and anthracite grey with matching electric elements.

    In stock
  6. Core vertical electric radiators
    Core Electric vertical radiator 1802mm High

    Tall electric radiators in a classic design. Choose from white or bare metal finishes with WiFi controlled elements offering to 2kW

    In stock
  7. Hebden Electric Radiators
    Plug & Play
    Hebden Electric Radiators

    High heat outputs, lots of sizes, light weight and quick delivery makes the Electric Alchemy radiator a popular choice for those without central heating.

    In stock
  8. PLUG & PLAY
    next day electric Traverse radiator
    Column radiator - electric – Traverse - 600mm - Ready to install

    600mm is the best-selling height of column radiator. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 columns deep and a range of widths as a stunning replacement for existing panel rads.

    In stock
  9. PLUG & PLAY
    Column radiator - electric – Traverse - 1900mm High - Ready to install
    Column radiator - electric – Traverse - 1900mm High - Ready to install

    A tall radiator that is electric is a unique offering, especially with the luxury designer radiator appeal like the Traverse

    In stock
  10. Electric Etonian 4 column cast iron radiator
    Etonian 4 Electric Radiators

    A European made cast iron radiator with 4 columns that can be electrified and that comes in many sizes, from low to high, and in F&B colour matches.

    In stock
  11. Electric Ellipse radiator in anthracite
    Next Day Electric Radiators
    Ellipse electric radiator

    At last, our best-selling oval tubed radiator Ellipse is now available in an electric version. Stocked in white and dark grey for quick delivery at low prices.

    In stock
  12. Slimline Curve Electric Radiators
    Slimline Curve Electric Radiators

    A smart electric radiator that sits close to the wall and is held in stock in 5 sizes and 2 finishes for quick delivery, giving upto 2000 Watts and all for a low price.

    In stock
  13. iRad Mirror electric radiators
    iRad Mirror electric radiators

    An electric mirror radiator for use in any space, providing heat and the illusion of light and space. Can be wirelessly linked to other electric radiators.

    In stock
  14. iRad electric radiators collage
    iRad electric radiator (mild steel)

    An electric radiant panel design available in vertical and horizontal models in various sizes. Wirelessly link iRads to form a centrally controlled system.

    In stock
  15. Downton-electric-cast-iron-radiator-for-web
    Downton Electric Radiators

    Our best-priced electric ornate cast iron radiator, Downton comes in a range of sizes and hand-painted finishes which highlight the beautiful detailing.

    In stock
  16. Electric Pentola radiator
    Pentola Electric Radiators

    A well-priced vertical tubular radiator that is electric and available from stock in white for quick delivery. Its pepper pot tops give up to 1200 Watts.

    In stock
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Electric radiators in the 21st century

Electric heaters are a good option to heat a space without the hassle of pipework and too much installation. They provide a cost-effective solution for heating any room.  Electric heating options have developed considerably in the last 5-10 years, here at Feature Radiators we have kept abreast with the latest designs, technologies and models which offer efficiencies to ensure you have a great range of electric radiators to pick from. We have horizontal electric radiators, and vertical electric radiators, we have models that operate with soapstone cores, models that are heated with no liquid internal using a dry heat system and we also have conventional water filled.

Our range of stylish electric radiators has both traditional electric radiators in it as well as modern electric radiators, so all home interiors are catered for.

We have heating solutions be it an electric heater and or electric radiators. Our range of has a variety of convector heaters or radiant heaters (radiant heaters and infrared heaters are the same), any of the options provides a great choice when adding heat to your home. All our electric radiators have internal thermostats that control the heat and are included or can have additional timer controls.

Panel heaters have been a popular way to heat rooms in recent years, they disappear seamlessly into the wall space and can be painted in a variety of colours to match walls or contrast walls, our irad is a great example of heating subtly. Modern electric radiators, subtle electric radiators that blend into the wall in an unassuming way, funky electric radiators that add a real wow factor to your interior, traditional electric radiators that complement the vintage stylings of your interior.

The electric radiators we sell can all have a plug added for easy installation into an existing plug. We do recommend always checking this with a qualified electrical. Each electric radiator is 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning all the electrical power they use to operate is converted into heat. 

All our electric radiators can be controlled remotely via WIFI control, we are pushing for smart technology to be used around he home as we know this is the most cost-effective way to use your heating system and eliminate heat being wasted in the home.
For those who are not keen to get on board with technological advancements in electric heating, we have options for the more classic way we can control the heater and that is through an independent controller and a 7-day programme, this is more appropriate for those with a more regular way of life such as a 9-5 working life.

Full of features the modern elements include, anti-freeze setting that protects your radiator when the temperature drops below freezing, open window functionality and a range of adjustable temperature settings that allow you to control heat output. 7 day programming means you can also set the element to your weekly routine as well as having that ability to change it when your life changes so you are not wasting energy.

Electric Designer Radiators

Electric radiators for your home have become a must-have item. There are many types of electric radiators available and finding a style and colour which complement your home interior is easier than ever. At Feature Radiators, we have a great range of wall-mounted electrical radiators which ooze style, offer a fantastic heat output and are extremely easy to install. We also have vertical electric radiators so you can get heat into those rooms that don’t have much wall space.

All our electrical radiators have been rigorously investigated to ensure the highest quality electric radiator is being offered, they are reliable and conform to all UK safety standards. The electric radiators we have added to our range offer fantastic heating efficiency and will keep energy bills down. If you chose a modern-style electric radiator or a traditional-style electric radiator, be assured either will be efficient, we have done due diligence to ensure the electric heaters are economical to run and produce heat n an efficient way
If you are looking for some stylish designer electrical radiators with unrivalled performance then look no further than our fantastic range!

Tall Electric Radiators

Vertical radiators are becoming a popular option. They are great for areas with limited space and can be striking in design, be that a modern style funky electric radiator or a classic style traditional electric radiator, either will draw attention and accentuate your home's interior.
We have vertical electrical radiators available in a selection of colours and sizes, they perfectly replicate regular central heating radiators and many can come with a simple plug & play system.
As with conventional central heating system radiators, we would like to do a heat calculation for your room, we have an online calculator for this or feel free to get in touch and one of our heating experts will be happy to help.

Horizontal Electric Radiators

There are many more electric horizontal radiator models available at this time, so choices are varied and designs are funky, modern, striking or traditional and subtle. We can often make horizontal electric radiators to differing heights or widths to accommodate your room's layout. On most of our modern electric radiators and traditional electric radiators, we can offer over 200 colours or finishes, and those finishes can be textured, smooth, mottled or matt. We are sure that there is a horizontal electric radiator that you will like and can work within your home's interior.

How do I install a DIY electric element?

Many of our electric radiators are central heating radiators that are supplied with a DIY install electric element kit. This is because it enables us to offer a huge range of designs, sizes and finishes whilst keeping the to a minimum. These products sell incredibly well and regular customers that buy these include the National Trust. See our Youtube guide on How to turn a central heating radiator into an electric radiator. Further instructions are provided if you order one.

Are electric radiators efficient?

All electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use, which means all of the power drawn from the wall (power supply) is turned into heat.

Creating efficiency with electric heaters comes through control and many of the energy-saving features which modern electric radiators have mean great efficiency for example window open detection, which pauses your heating if a sharp drop in temperature is detected which saves heat from being lost and unnecessary usage and cost. The majority of vertical electric radiators or horizontal electric radiators come with on-product digital programming, which allows you to dictate precisely what rooms are heated and to what heat. You can run separate radiators to different schedules, ensuring you're never heating the whole home as you would with a conventional central heating system. App control via WIFI which is gain available on the majority of electric radiators means you can control your heating while away from the home, an amazing feature which again saves on those energy bills. 

Modern electric radiators are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional central heating, using electricity efficiently. Adding add new radiators to your home heating system when it is fully electric is easy often as easy as plug and play or a small amount of installation is required. Electric radiators contain precision digital thermostats, and many in-built energy-saving features, and the range of t designs is simply unbelievable. If you want a modern, eco-conscious heating solution in your home then we have the answer within our range of electric radiators. 

How do I choose my electric radiator?

Firstly the key decision with heating is the core reason behind it and that is heating the space you want it to, aside from the beautiful modern radiators or the classical traditional electric radiator options we offer, substance over style is always the key. Our heat calculator can help you find the right heat for your space and then our tailored electric section aims to give the user a perfect experience, simply view the styles you like be that modern electric heaters or traditional electric heaters and once you enter into the radiators individual page the first option is the Wattage which you now know after using our online calculator. Three things you will need before starting the process is room dimensions (L x W x H), basic information about your property, then finally space available for your electric radiator

Gas central heating radiators or electric radiators

A question that will keep coming up from our wonderful customers. Gas is currently less expensive than electricity. Electric heating is in general a better choice for the longer-term solution to your heating needs. Over the long term as new sources of energy are worked into the current supply electricity prices should fall and couple that with the precise manner in which electrical radiators can be controlled, smart heating which also means electric heaters can detect temperature change and adjust accordingly from a window open as an example mean the ability to stop heat being wasted is second to none.