Flat Panel Radiators

Flat Panel Radiators

There are no two ways about it: flat Panel Radiators look fantastic. These are radiators that are made to impress. But at the same time, they offer fantastic performance and excellent heat output to warm any room in your home.


We are proud to provide a wide range of Flat Panel Radiators for our customers, which are perfect for a wide range of situations. These are beautiful radiators that are objects to be admired. From plain modern radiators to more unique designs, we’ve got it all.

The Outline Radiator is one of the more simple designs. This beautiful radiator is one of the best flat panel heating solutions and it is also made in the UK. It is available in an enormous range of sizes and finishes and has a sleek and modern design.

For something a bit different, the Arteplano Radiator is a great choice. This radiator has a stunning copper look and demands attention. The metal front plate hides the heating tubes, and each one is etched individually for a 100% unique design.

Or take a look at the Woody Radiator, which is made using FSC-certified wood. Seven different veneers are available, and the use of natural materials means every radiator is unique.

Or you might prefer something completely different like the Blackboard Radiator in our Contemporary range. This radiator doubles up as a blackboard for a practical and unique option that is perfect for the kitchen.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from in so many styles. All offer excellent performance, and these beautiful radiators will add an extra special touch to your home. Browse our collection and find your new radiator today.

High-Quality Flat Panel Radiators from the Experts

We are the experts in radiators at Feature Radiators and our mission is to help you find the perfect new radiator for your home. Whether that’s one of our stylish Flat Panel Radiators or a completely different model. Whatever you want, we are here to make the task of finding your new radiator as easy as possible.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry, and that’s something we are very proud of and we take seriously. We will only ever sell you high-quality products, so you can shop with complete peace of mind.

We like to talk to our customers. That way, we can find out what you really want for your project. We don’t work on commission, and we are only concerned with helping you find the best radiator for your needs.

Plus, every radiator is inspected carefully by our experts. We don’t sell anything that fails to meet our high standards. So explore our Flat Panel Radiators and find what you’re looking for today, then enjoy FREE Shipping anywhere in the UK.

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  1. Styled Radiator
    Styled Radiator

    Vertical or horizontal, single or double panel and in many sizes, Styled can be used around the house whether in white and anthracite

    In stock
  2. Alchemy aluminium radiators
    Alchemy Aluminium Radiators

    Highly efficient aluminium radiator made in Europe and its sectional nature means a huge range of sizes for replacing existing corrugated steel panel radiators.

    In stock
  3. Outline radiator
    Outline radiator

    Made in Great Britain, this top of the range, smooth flat panel, aluminium radiator is a bespoke product available in almost any size or finish.

    In stock
  4. Pablo Radiators
    Pablo Radiators

    A minimalist style, flat panel radiator available in a huge range of sizes, both horizontal and vertical. Stocked in white or choose from a range of 25 other colours.

    In stock
  5. Best radiator for heat pump
    Best radiator for heat pump

    Our Heat Pump radiator is highly compatible with heat pumps and offers incredible amounts of heat outputs for relatively small amounts of space.

    In stock
  6. Arteplano radiator
    Sale - 30% off RRP
    Arteplano radiator

    Etched brass or copper gives each of these radiators an entirely unique finish. This feature radiator is stocked in 1800mm high models in the copper finish. 30% off RRP

    In stock
  7. Gong! radiator
    Gong! radiator

    Finished in copper or brass panels that have been distressed by skilled metalworkers, every Gong! radiator is unique, with an internal aluminium body.

    In stock
  8. Woody radiator
    Woody radiator

    FSC certified wood veneer covers a powerful aluminium radiator body to create a fabulous and high performing heater with a low carbon footprint.

    In stock
  9. Blackboard modern radiator
    Blackboard radiator

    An aluminium designer radiator but with a chalkboard finish, Blackboard comes in many horizontal and vertical radiator sizes with an optional chalk holder.

    In stock
  10. Cliff stone radiator collage copy
    Cliff radiator

    Finished with a stone fascia, this feature radiator has a highly efficient aluminium radiator behind it and is made to order in any size you can imagine.

    In stock
  11. Supermirror radiator
    Supermirror radiator

    An aluminium radiator body with polished stainless steel front meaning an efficient heater alongside a striking mirror finish, both horizontal and vertical.

    In stock
  12. Hinge & Bracket hidden valve system on Eskimo Outline radiator
    Hinge & Bracket hidden valve system

    An option on Outline, Gong!, Woody, Cliff, Blackboard and Supermirror radiators. The Hinge & Bracket system allows valves to be hidden behind a radiator.

    In stock
  13. Hudevad P5K radiator (Dansk Odin)
    Hudevad P5K radiator (Dansk Odin)

    Manufactured in Denmark, this flat panel radiator is the choice of architects due to its top quality, minimalist design and range of sizes.

    Price on Application
  14. Dansk Plan designer radiator
    Hudevad Plan radiator (Dansk)

    From Hudevad's Danish factory with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, this flat panel radiator offers top quality and only 50mm projection from the wall.

    Price on Application
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