Radiator Accessories

Radiator Accessories

Looking for high-quality radiator accessories to enhance the performance and appearance of your heating system? Look no further than our top-of-the-line selection of sleeve kits, bushes, cast iron vents, and wall stays! Our range of accessories is designed to optimize your heating system's efficiency, reduce noise levels, regulate air flow, and ensure that your radiators remain securely in place.

Whether you're looking for insulation and pipe concealment with our sleeve kits, noise reduction with our bushes, or added stability with our wall stays, our products are built to last and provide superior performance.

Plus, with a variety of styles and sizes available, we've got something to suit every need and budget. So why wait? Upgrade your heating system with our unbeatable range of radiator accessories today!

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  1. Baroque ornate cast iron end bushes
    Decorative end bushes for cast iron radiators

    A set of ornate cast iron end bushes to fit into some of our cast iron radiator designs and colour matched to your radiator.

    In stock
  2. Hinge & Bracket hidden valve system on Eskimo Outline radiator
    Hinge & Bracket hidden valve system

    An option on Outline, Gong!, Woody, Cliff, Blackboard and Supermirror radiators. The Hinge & Bracket system allows valves to be hidden behind a radiator.

    In stock
  3. Joining tool for radiators
    Radiator joining tools

    Particularly long cast iron, column and sectional aluminium radiators may come in 2 parts for joining together with a special tool on site.

    In stock
  4. Luxury air vent in antique copper
    Luxury air vents for cast iron radiators

    Upgrade from the standard brass air vent with one of these luxury bleed vents in a range of finishes to match to valves

    In stock
  5. Extra long wall stay
    Wall stays

    We offer a range of wall brackets for use on reclaimed radiators. Call our expert team for help choosing. (Our radiators all come with wall stays included.)

    In stock
  6. Luxury wall stays for radiators
    Luxury wall stays

    Upgrade from a standard steel bracket, to this stunning, top quality wall stay. Choose from a range of metal finishes including brass and brushed nickel.

    In stock
  7. 130mm sleeving kits
    130mm sleeving kits

    Cover up copper pipes and holes in floor/wall with these sleeve kits, available in a huge range of metal finishes.

    In stock
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