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Stainless Steel Radiators

Stainless steel is a popular choice for radiators. The modern appearance of these designer radiators will look fantastic in any room. They also have excellent heat output and come in a wide range of shapes and designs to combine practicality with cutting-edge style.


We have a large range to choose from including Zermatt Stainless Steel Radiators. Characterised by sleek lines and with a brushed or polished finish, these simple, bold and beautiful radiators are available in vertical or horizontal designs and have excellent heat output.

Oval Stainless Steel Radiators consist of elegant tubes with excellent heat output. And our Verbier Stainless Steel Radiators feature the best of uncomplicated style with their sleek lines. They are also very thin, starting at 130 mm, making them perfect for limited wall space.

Harlem Stainless Steel Radiators come in both wall-mounted and standing options and have a beautiful finish. Or explore our Unique Bamboo Stainless Steel Radiators with their simple design and tubular construction. They not only look fabulous but perform well too.

These are just a few of the Stainless Steel Radiators in our collection, and others include our New Yorker Stainless Steel Radiators and the 4Fold Stainless Steel Radiators. All offer something different and unique, and they are perfect for modern homes.

Take your pick today and let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you find your perfect new Stainless Steel Radiator.

Find Your Stainless Steel Radiator Today

Start here to find your new Stainless Steel Radiator today. We’ve got a huge range to choose from, and when you choose a radiator from Feature Radiators, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

We are experts in radiators, and we take great pride in this. We take our reputation very seriously. When you buy one of our Stainless Steel Radiators or any other radiator here, you can do so with complete peace of mind.

Not only do we stand by the quality of every model we sell here, but we also package radiators safely and securely. We also provide FREE Shipping in the UK, and we are always there if anything goes wrong, so you don’t have to worry about us pulling a vanishing act.

Start today by browsing through our collection of the finest Stainless Steel Radiators and ask us any questions you have. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect radiator.

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  1. Zermatt Stainless Steel Radiators
    Zermatt Stainless Steel Radiators From -
    £915.46 £762.88

    A flat-fronted stainless steel designer radiator that can be hung horizontally or vertically. Choose matt brushed finish or polished that looks like chrome.

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  2. Verbier stainless steel radiators
    Verbier stainless steel radiators From -
    £1,054.54 £878.78

    Starting at only 130mm wide, Verbier is a slimline, finned, stainless steel radiator in either brushed or polished finish with underside valve connections.

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  3. Twister stainless steel radiators
    Twister stainless steel radiators From -
    £1,391.34 £1,159.45

    The ultimate in designer radiators, this stainless steel vertical radiator's bars have been twisted to give real wow-factor in any modern setting.

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  4. Harlem stainless steel radiators
    Harlem stainless steel radiators From -
    £882.01 £735.01

    A stainless steel designer radiator offering a timeless design, Harlem comes with a 20 year guarantee and is available in brushed and polished finishes.

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  5. Brooklyn stainless steel radiators
    Brooklyn stainless steel radiators From -
    £1,481.04 £1,234.20

    Hollow tubes maximise the heat output of this stainless steel designer radiator. Choose wall-mounted (without legs) or floor-standing (with legs).

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  6. Cutler stainless steel radiators
    Cutler stainless steel radiators From -
    £1,401.55 £1,167.96

    An ultra-modern radiator made of stainless steel in brushed or polished finishes, Cutler is a practical yet stylish option for any contemporary space.

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  7. Bamboo Stainless Steel Radiators
    Bamboo Stainless Steel Radiators From -
    £1,243.07 £1,035.89

    Hollow stainless steel tubes make up this ultimate choice when it comes to designer radiators including a corner design for the ultimate wow factor.

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  8. 4Fold stainless steel radiators
    4Fold stainless steel radiators From -
    £4,288.39 £3,573.66

    20 year guarantee and a mammoth heat output alongside towering good looks to create this 2x2 column model made of polished or brushed stainless steel.

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  9. 8Fold stainless steel radiators
    8Fold stainless steel radiators From -
    £3,616.54 £3,013.78

    This tower style designer radiator is free-standing and made of stainless steel so perfect for lofty spaces and warehouse apartments with urban chic.

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  10. New Yorker stainless steel radiators
    New Yorker stainless steel radiators From -
    £3,494.68 £2,912.23

    This feature radiator is a unique stainless steel design with a choice of widths with massive heat outputs thanks to the number of horizontal tubes.

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Last updated: 17/09/2020