Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal Radiators are very popular, and while we also have a wide range of Vertical Radiators to choose from, a Horizontal Radiator is the standard shape. As you can imagine, we have many to choose from.


All of our Horizontal Radiators are made to the highest possible standard, so whatever you choose, you can rest assured that it is built to last and will also provide excellent heat output. But a radiator is so much more than a device to warm your home: it’s also a design feature of the room. With our extensive range of Horizontal Radiators, you’re sure to find what you need for your home.

Browse the collection below to find Core Column Radiators, Bare Metal Radiators, Aluminium Radiators, D-Line Radiators, Tutti Radiators, Ronde Designer Radiators, Pablo Radiators and much more.

You may want a short radiator to fit underneath a window, or a large Horizontal Radiator to become the centrepiece of the room. We also have Curved Horizontal Radiators that can be fit around staircases or in bay windows.

Have a look and see what you can find. If you become overwhelmed, just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help you.

The Best Horizontal Radiators You Can Get

Start your search today to choose from our wide range of Horizontal Radiators. We love working with our customers, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or make suggestions. It gives us great satisfaction to help our customers find the perfect radiators for their homes.

We have a huge range of Horizontal Radiators to choose from, and we understand that it can seem a bit overwhelming when you first get started. We recommend browsing the collection on this page and taking a look at all the options available to see if something stands out. But we are here to answer all your questions and help you make your decision.

We live and breathe radiators. Radiators are not a sideline for us, and they are everything we do. We are passionate about them, as you can see from the products in our store, and you will never find low-quality radiators here.

Plus, we are here to help both before and after the sale. If something goes wrong with your radiator, just give us a call. We ship radiators FREE to the UK, and your radiator will be packaged securely to arrive safely. So start your search for a Horizontal Radiator today.

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  1. D-Line radiator
    Sale - 30% off RRP
    D-Line radiator

    Tall and slim or short and wide, D-Line features tightly packed tubes that maximise the heat output in smaller spaces and is finished in white or charcoal.

    In stock
  2. Ellipse radiator
    Ellipse radiator

    Low in price with huge heat outputs in white, black and anthracite means this oval tubed, vertical, designer radiator is one of our best-sellers.

    In stock
  3. Alchemy aluminium radiators
    Alchemy Aluminium Radiators

    Highly efficient aluminium radiator made in Europe and its sectional nature means a huge range of sizes for replacing existing corrugated steel panel radiators.

    In stock
  4. Decoral Aluminium Radiators
    Decoral Aluminium Radiators

    Highly efficient aluminium radiator made in Europe and its sectional nature means a huge range of sizes for replacing existing corrugated steel panel radiators.

    In stock
  5. Column radiator – Traverse - 300mm, 400mm, 502mm, 602mm & 750mm high - NEXT DAY DELIVERY RADIATORS
    Column radiator – Traverse - 300mm, 400mm, 502mm, 602mm & 750mm high - NEXT DAY DELIVERY RADIATORS

    The best-selling column radiator. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 columns deep and a range of widths as a stunning replacement for existing panel rads.

    In stock
  6. Colin Aluminium Column Radiators
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Colin Aluminium Column Radiators

    The latest in radiator technology, Colin is made of aluminium so has a high heat output with rapid reaction and comes in a stunning gun metal/bronze finish.

    In stock
  7. Arteplano radiator
    Sale - 30% off RRP
    Arteplano radiator

    Etched brass or copper gives each of these radiators an entirely unique finish. This feature radiator is stocked in 1800mm high models in the copper finish. 30% off RRP

    In stock
  8. Stag Radiators
    Stag Radiators

    The Stag aluminium radiator in a range of sizes in both white and grey with low prices, high heat outputs and a 30 year guarantee.

    In stock
  9. Sencillo radiator
    Sencillo radiator

    Vertical or horizontal, single or double panel and in many sizes, Sencillo can be used around the house whether in white, silver or anthracite grey.

    In stock
  10. Ellipse designer radiator with horizontal bars in anthracite
    Ellipse radiator

    The Ellipse radiator can be hung horizontally, meaning long and low designer radiator options that are stocked in white, black and grey for quick delivery. 34% off RRP

    In stock
  11. Zermatt Stainless Steel Radiators
    Sale - 20% off RRP
    Zermatt Stainless Steel Radiators

    A flat-fronted stainless steel designer radiator that can be hung horizontally or vertically. Choose matt brushed finish or polished that looks like chrome.

    In stock
  12. Cliff stone radiator collage copy
    Cliff radiator

    Finished with a stone fascia, this feature radiator has a highly efficient aluminium radiator behind it and is made to order in any size you can imagine.

    In stock
  13. Outline radiator
    Outline radiator

    Made in Great Britain, this top of the range, smooth flat panel, aluminium radiator is a bespoke product available in almost any size or finish.

    In stock
  14. Cutler stainless steel radiators
    SALE - 20% off RRP
    Cutler stainless steel radiators

    An ultra-modern radiator made of stainless steel in brushed or polished finishes, Cutler is a practical yet stylish option for any contemporary space.

    In stock
  15. Meydan aluminium designer radiators
    Meydan aluminium radiator

    An aluminium radiator stocked in white and dark grey for quick delivery offering high heat outputs but at low prices!

    In stock
  16. Pentola designer radiators
    Pentola radiator

    Pepper-pot tops adorn this tubular radiator that has been inspired by Bisque's original designer radiator, Seta. Stocked in white and anthracite grey.

    In stock
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Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal radiators have been the most popular type of radiator in UK homes for many years. We are happy to provide a huge range of horizontal designer radiators. Over the years radiators designers have made the standard radiator design something sublime and now horizontal designer radiators can come in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes.

Horizontal radiators have great heat output and there are ways to increase the output rom your horizontal radiator by either going deeper from front to back or variations on height mean the horizontal designer radiator is now available in heights as low as 150mm and up to 1000m to be classed as a horizontal radiator. 

Modern designer horizontal radiators are far more aesthetically pleasing, operate more efficiently, and provide greater reliability than the outdated panel radiators that once dominated the market.

Horizontal designer radiators can be made to be very long radiators, many sectional radiators we offer can have sections added up to and beyond 2500mm in length. Generally a horizontal radiator that is low in height will need to be a wide radiator to generate good heat. 

Steel radiators have been the most popular material for horizontal designer radiators for some time but aluminium radiators are more popular than ever and back with good eco credentials, aluminium radiators are made from recycled aluminium. The designs of the aluminium radiators mean they can produce high heat output and low water content, which can be an advantage should you require a quick heat up time in your property. 

Steel radiators in a horizontal orientation do offer a larger range of designs available as steel is a more malleable material. So selecting a designer horizontal radiator in steel means you have more options in term of style and this may benefit you when selecting the designer radiator as more choice for your interior. 

Cast iron radiators lend themselves to being horizontal as cast can become more brittle the taller you manufacture it so horizontal cast iron is the standard. Cast iron horizontal radiators are also versatile when it comes to heights a wide and long radiator can be made, for example starting at as low as 350mm for Victorian 7 cast iron radiator on our website. 

Horizontal radiators can come in a huge range of finishes and now textured finishes are popular, some with high levels of texture like mottled copper or some with low levels of texture like matt black, horizontal radiators offer many options. 

Long gone are the days your horizontal radiator should be put behind the sofa, designer radiators have meant the look can be a funky radiator or a modern radiator, you can add colour, to the horizontal radiator, you could use texture to make the designer radiator stand out and have visitors eager to touch and feel this unique radiator. 

The flexibility in horizontal radiators means many models can be wall mounted especially so aluminium radiators, which are very lightweight considering the heat output they can produce, the lower water content of the radiator will work in its favour when considering wall mounting too. The steel radiators can also be wall mounted but with the addition of feet also you can have a long radiator to heat a big space and be assured it will be sturdy on its designed floor mounts. 

Horizontal designer radiators can also be electrified so much of our designer range can be made into an electric radiators, so not having gas is no more a hurdle to get over in your heating desires, you can make your interior stand out by having a horizontal electric radiators. 

Both modern horizontal radiators and cast iron horizontal radiators can be made into long and wide radiators but if you do not have the wall space to fit a long radiator then a good option for your horizontal radiator is to consider going deeper, cats iron radiators can have columns from front to back added with different cast iron radiator designs and our steel column radiators can also come in variety of column radiator depths, the more columns you add the more heat you get.