Hinge & Bracket hidden valve system

This cleverly designed valve system is hidden behind the front panel of the radiators. The valves can still be accessed however thanks to the radiator being hinged at the top. This system requires flexible pipe to be used and it must come through the wall behind the radiator. Comprehensive installation instructions can be provided.

Please be aware this system is only an option of a limited range of our flat panel designer radiators, namely Outline, Gong!, Woody, Cliff, Supermirror and Blackboard. Also, as the Hinge & Bracket system requires some space behind the front panel of the radiator, it leaves less space for the aluminium heat exchanger meaning the system does reduce the heat output of the radiator - please ask for the revised heat output figures if you are considering going for the hidden valve system.

For more information, please contact our sales team on 01274 567789 or email contact@featureradiators.co.uk

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