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Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium Radiators are a popular choice for many reasons. They are lightweight and come in a huge range of styles and colours, they are easy to transport and hang, many have modern designs that look stunning in any home, they have excellent heat output, and they come with a slim profile and clean lines.


Choose from a huge range of Aluminium Radiators in our store today, including Ronde Designer Radiators. These smooth and sleek radiators have a fast reaction time and low water content. They are powerful but beautiful radiators that will look amazing in any room.

Alchemy Aluminium Radiators have clean lines, simple styling and high performance. They are very efficient too, making them a good eco-friendly choice. Or explore our Stag Radiators, which have a high heat output and a 30-year warranty.

But there are many more designs to choose from, including Vertical radiators that are slim enough to fit into any space, tubular radiators, compact designs, or Designer Blok Aluminium Radiators for something that really stands out.

Go on and take a look to see if anything stands out to you. And remember that we are always here to help you make your decision.

High-Quality Aluminium Radiators

At Feature Radiators, we only sell products we genuinely believe in. We only want the very best radiators here. That’s what we are known for, and what matters to us most. We don’t work on commission, and all we care about is ensuring our customers go away happy knowing that they have found the perfect radiator for their home.

Browse our collection of Aluminium Radiators today and see what you can find. Does something stand out to you? We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have to help you make your decision. Want some suggestions? Just ask!

We love radiators and it’s so important that we help you find the right one, whether one of our Aluminium Radiators or something else. Our reputation matters to us, and we are widely considered the radiator experts and that is something we take very seriously.

We stay on top of all the latest industry developments, and we only sell the best radiators that have been fully checked by our experts. We’ll send your Aluminium Radiator to you safely packaged, and we even offer Free Shipping in the UK.

So start here today, explore our range and find your new Aluminium Radiator for your home.

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Your radiator will be delivered safely packaged as soon as it’s ready for your peace of mind.

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  1. Alchemy Aluminium Radiators - Short
    Alchemy Aluminium Radiators - Short From -
    £122.29 £101.91

    Highly efficient aluminium radiator made in Europe and its sectional nature means a huge range of sizes for replacing existing corrugated steel panel radiators.

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  2. Alchemy Aluminium Radiators - Tall
    Alchemy Aluminium Radiators - Tall From -
    £223.03 £185.86

    Our best-selling aluminium radiator has a high heat output and is available in vertical designs for installation in narrow gaps, on pillars and in alcoves. 30% off RRP

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  3. Stag Radiators - Horizontal
    Stag Radiators - Horizontal From -
    £367.20 £306.00

    The Stag aluminium radiator in a range of sizes in both white and grey with low prices, high heat outputs and a 30 year guarantee.

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  4. Stag Radiators - Vertical
    Stag Radiators - Vertical From -
    £388.80 £324.00

    With a high heat output and 30 year warranty but all for a low price, the aluminium construction of Stag makes it lightweight and easy to install with a rapid heat up time.

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  5. Colin Aluminium Column Radiators
    Colin Aluminium Column Radiators From -
    £549.60 £458.00

    The latest in radiator technology, Colin is made of aluminium so has a high heat output with rapid reaction and comes in a stunning gun metal/bronze finish.

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  6. Ron Radiator
    Ron Radiator From -
    £848.40 £707.00

    Made in the UK, Ron is a tubular aluminium radiator made to order in a huge range of sizes and finishes, from anodized gold to outrageous orange.

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  7. Decoral Slim aluminium radiator
    Decoral Slim aluminium radiator From -
    £164.88 £137.40

    An aluminium radiator that sits close to the wall offering all the eco-friendly properties in a compact design.

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  8. Retro Aluminium Radiators (568mm to 668mm high)
    Retro Aluminium Radiators (568mm to 668mm high) From -
    £300.00 £250.00

    Aluminium columns are joined to create this twist on a column radiator with low water content, rapid heat up, light weight and using recyclable material.

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  9. Retro Aluminium Radiators (1470mm to 1870mm high)
    Retro Aluminium Radiators (1470mm to 1870mm high) From -
    £534.00 £445.00

    An aluminium radiator but in a more traditional column design meaning it can be made tall (1.8m) and has eco-friendly properties such as quick heat up.

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  10. Meydan horizontal aluminium radiators
    Meydan horizontal aluminium radiators From -
    £190.80 £159.00

    An aluminium radiator stocked in white and dark grey for quick delivery offering high heat outputs but at low prices!

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  11. Meydan vertical aluminium radiators
    Meydan vertical aluminium radiators From -
    £350.40 £292.00

    This 1800mm high radiator combines a high heat with style but all at a low price and with quick delivery!

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  12. Blok Aluminium Radiators
    Blok Aluminium Radiators From -
    £615.48 £512.90

    A designer aluminium radiator stocked in tall and short versions in White and Volcanic (black) or other colours by special order. Made in Italy.

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Last updated: 17/09/2020