Read below to find out how to measure your pipe centres, and why we need the measurements. Please also note that if your pipework is looking worse for wear, we offer sleeving kits to keep your radiator fixing looking smart.

What are radiator pipe centres?

When existing radiator pipework is in place, you will see two copper pipes sticking out of the floor or wall. ‘Radiator pipe centres’ refers to the distance from the centre of the left-hand copper pipe to the centre of the right-hand copper pipe. You can easily measure this with a tape measure.

Why do I need to know my pipe centres?

You need to know your pipe centres if:

  1. You do not want to involve a plumber or you want to limit changes, and you want to replace an existing radiator for one the same size, to fit the same pipe centres.
  2. You have solid flooring or tiling which you do not want to or cannot move to change your pipe centres.

if you are in either of the two situations above, then your radiator pipe centres determine the size of your radiator. If you provide us with your measurements, we can specify a radiator to fit to avoid or reduce pipework adjustment.