We are all aiming for a more sustainable way of living our lives, every aspect of our home and lifestyles are being scrutinised for environmental impact. Personal responsibility starts in the home and items that consume energy.

Column radiators- elegant, timeless, available in a range of sizes and styles- but did you know that they also have plenty of eco-friendly benefits? With an impressively efficient heat distribution, rapid heat reaction time, long-lasting and high quality materials, minimal maintenance, and compatibility with renewable energy sources such as ground source and air source heat pumps, the column radiator is the radiator world’s answer to reducing your carbon footprint.

Heat is emitted across the entire surface of a column radiator- this optimises heat emission throughout a room providing a pleasant and consistent environment. This efficient heat distribution means that less energy is needed to maintain the desired temperature. An added bonus of this reduced energy consumption is lower energy bills!

Column radiators can rapidly emit heat and respond to changes in their temperature. This means that a comfortable environment is maintained whilst also saving energy by reducing unnecessary heating cycles. This will minimise your overall energy consumption!

Our column radiators are made from high quality materials which are durable and have a long lifespan. This means that your radiators won’t need replacing anytime soon. Therefore, this reduces waste and lowers your overall impact on the environment.

Column radiators require minimal maintenance which is an added eco-friendly benefit. With regular cleaning and occasional bleeding to remove air, your column radiator will most likely maintain its optimal working condition. With little resources required to maintain these radiators, your environmental impact is further reduced.

You are not just buying into a more environmentally friendly home with these designer radiators, but you are also adding value to your home. Our radiators are built to last; they are efficient as well as stunning aesthetically, which brings a new aspect to any home- noticeable by friends, family and by you every day. Our radiators benefit your home both in heating and interior design.

Transitioning towards renewable energy sources is an important shift within the radiator industry. Column radiators can function efficiently at low temperatures and thus are an ideal candidate for renewable energy. These radiators are compatible with renewable energy sources such as air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps. Using these sources will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.