Here's a simplified and improved explanation of your heating system: 

Your heating system works like this: hot water comes out of your boiler at a certain temperature, flows through the pipes and radiators in your home, and then returns to the boiler to get heated again before being sent out as warm water. As it passes through the radiators, they take heat from the water and release it into your rooms. 

Two important numbers to know are the flow temperature (usually displayed on your boiler) and the return temperature. These help to determine something called "Delta T," which tells you how your boiler is performing. 

In the UK, Delta T60 used to be the standard, while Europe preferred Delta T50. Nowadays, Delta T50 is the most common standard in the UK too, regulated by EN 442. 

The lower the Delta T, the less energy your system uses because it heats the water to a lower temperature. This translates to cost savings and environmental benefits. 

We're committed to staying up to date with innovations, which is why we've added a Delta selector on our website with the most common Delta values listed. You don't need a plumber or heating engineer to find this information; we're here to assist you. Feel free to contact us at 01274 567789, email us at, use our online chat on our website's bottom right corner, or visit our showroom in Bingley. We're here to make sure your heating system is efficient and cost-effective.