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Tredz Trench Heating

Quick Overview

A practical, discreet and highly efficient heating solution that frees up room and wall space and is ideal for positioning in front of large expanses of glass and bi-folds, helping to eliminate cold spots and condensation. Highly efficient, Tredz offers a high heat output and effective heat distribution and, with the addition of timer and temperature controls, you can minimise energy wastage and, consequently, your heating bills. This piped trench heating system can be fitted at the design stage or retrospectively and is compatible with standard central heating systems as well as heat pumps. Unlike some trench heaters, Tredz is silent. Tredz is made-to-measure in the perfect size and finish for your home: the neat and durable grilles come in a wide range of wood, metal and painted finishes and lift up making cleaning and maintenance easy. Please contact our sales team for a no-obligation quote.
  • Space-saving
  • Choice of different wood and metal finishes
  • Ideal for use in front of glass

Lead Time: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks

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  • Lead time: All models are by special order: approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Finishes: Choice of grilles in either painted aluminium in white, black, bronze or silver finishes or various woods including ash, beech, oak or merbau (untreated or varnished).
  • Material: Made of an aluminium and copper convector (radiator) in an insulated polyethylene or fibreglass trench unit with a wood or aluminium grille.
  • Delivery: We offer delivery to most addresses on the UK mainland (excluding some remote areas) [MORE INFORMATION].
  • Fixings: Radiators are supplied with the necessary fixings i.e. wall bracket, plugs, bushes and vents. ½”connections are supplied as standard.  Screws are not supplied.
  • Heat outputs: These are shown at operating temperatures of 90/70/20 (Dt60°c).  To obtain Dt50°c outputs, multiply the outputs shown by 0.789.
  • Water treatment: The manufacturer’s guarantee will only be valid if your radiators are installed in accordance with British Standards. This means that, on completion of installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled to remove debris and minimise the presence of solid particles and chemical residues, which may cause corrosion and damage within the system. Corrosion inhibitor should be used in accordance with British Standards and should take into account the particular metals within the system.
  • Terms and Conditions: All sales are subject to our standard Ts and Cs; a copy can be downloaded from our website.
  • VAT: The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
Last updated: 17/09/2020