Wilberforce Cast Iron Radiators - 740mm high

The 2 column Wilberforce cast iron radiator has classic Victorian styling together with a super slim profile, making it the ideal solution to bring warmth and period authenticity to areas where distance from the wall is at a premium. Popular for use in narrow hallways and small rooms, this skinny yet powerful Victorian is made of cast iron and hand-built using traditional methods.

740mm high and 90mm deep (floor-standing, with feet) / 680mm high and 60mm deep (wall-mounted, without feet)

  • Only 6cm deep (wall-mounted, without feet)
  • Popular choice for narrow spaces
  • Free colour-matching service
In stock
Lead Time:Approximately 1 to 2 weeks

My room has a north facing window.

My room has french windows.

My room has double glazed windows.

My room is exposed & colder.

My house a new-build property

For more information see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION page.
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LengthFinish Watts DT60 BTUs DT60 Price incl VAT
3 Sections - 208mmStandard Colour 235 802 £259.20
4 Sections - 269mmStandard Colour 313 1068 £310.80
5 Sections - 330mmStandard Colour 392 1338 £362.40
6 Sections - 391mmStandard Colour 470 1604 £414.00
7 Sections - 452mmStandard Colour 549 1873 £465.60
8 Sections - 512mmStandard Colour 627 2139 £517.20
9 Sections - 573mmStandard Colour 705 2405 £568.80
10 Sections - 634mmStandard Colour 784 2675 £620.40
11 Sections - 695mmStandard Colour 862 2941 £673.20
12 Sections - 756mmStandard Colour 940 3207 £724.80
13 Sections - 816mmStandard Colour 1019 3477 £776.40
14 Sections - 877mmStandard Colour 1097 3743 £828.00
15 Sections - 938mmStandard Colour 1176 4013 £879.60
16 Sections - 999mmStandard Colour 1254 4279 £931.20
17 Sections - 1060mmStandard Colour 1332 4545 £982.80
18 Sections - 1120mmStandard Colour 1411 4814 £1,034.40
19 Sections - 1181mmStandard Colour 1489 5080 £1,086.00
20 Sections - 1242mmStandard Colour 1567 5347 £1,137.60
21 Sections - 1303mmStandard Colour 1646 5616 £1,190.40
22 Sections - 1364mmStandard Colour 1724 5882 £1,242.00
23 Sections - 1424mmStandard Colour 1802 6148 £1,293.60
24 Sections - 1485mmStandard Colour 1881 6418 £1,370.40
25 Sections - 1546mmStandard Colour 1959 6684 £1,422.00


  • Long radiators: Sizes over 1200mm wide will arrive in more than one block to make them easier to move around, meaning they need to be joined together on site. Therefore a joining tool is required and can be supplied on a sale or return basis (£120 refundable deposit). Remember to add a joining tool to your order via Joining tools. Contact our team to discuss the best way to return the tool and ensure a refund.
  • Cancellations: Cast iron radiators are made to order. Once manufacture has commenced, orders cannot be cancelled.
  • Lead time: Approximately 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Delivery: We offer delivery to most addresses on the UK mainland (excluding some remote areas) via a commercial pallet carrier service.
  • Fixings: Radiators are supplied with the necessary fixings i.e. feet, wall bracket, plugs, bushes and vents. Cast iron radiators are floor-standing (with feet) as standard – wall mounted versions (without feet) are available on request. 1/2″ connections are supplied as standard. (3/4″ connections are available on request.) Screws are not supplied.
  • Depth: Radiator depth at deepest part (excluding wall bracket). Wall-mounted (without feet) = 60mm / Floor-standing (with feet) = 90mm.
  • Projection from the wall: Wall-mounted (without feet) = 85mm / Floor-standing (with feet) = minimum is 60mm plus skirting board depth.
  • Valves and finishing touches: These are not included as there is now so much choice available. See our Valves page for valves and accessories to complete the look.
  • Heat outputs: These are shown at operating temperatures of Δt60 (British standard). To obtain Δt50 outputs (European standard), multiply the outputs shown by 0.789.
  • Pipe centre measurements: Cast iron radiators have tapping centres that equal the width of the radiator, so pipe centre measurements equal the width of the radiator plus and appropriate amount for valves. Bear in mind, some cast iron radiators are hand-finished in the traditional manner so widths of radiators may vary between batches. For this reason, we don’t advise finalising any pipework until the radiators are on site.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Water pressure: Maximum working pressure of 6 bar.
  • Water treatment: The manufacturer’s guarantee will only be valid if your radiators are installed in accordance with British Standards. This means that, on completion of installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled to remove debris and minimise the presence of solid particles and chemical residues, which may cause corrosion and damage within the system. Corrosion inhibitor should be used in accordance with British Standards and should take into account the particular metals within the system.
  • Terms and Conditions: All sales are subject to our standard Ts and Cs; a copy can be downloaded from our website.

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