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APP-solute Control integral receiver for Electric Blackboard, Cliff, Gong!, Outline, Supermirror and Woody

Quick Overview

APP-solute Control system is a user-friendly system that uses smart technology to control your electric radiator(s) remotely using an app on your device – for control out and about.  This system is compatible with a huge range of designs from both our contemporary and traditional electric radiator ranges, meaning beautiful radiators that are also efficient and cost effective.  The APP-solute system enables you to tailor your heating to suit your lifestyle, with time and temperature control, meaning that your heating will only be on when and where it’s needs to be, minimising your energy consumption and heating bills and maximising the efficiency. You will need at least one APP-solute Control receiver for each radiator you want to include on your heating system, one APP-solute Control gateway per property to connect to your router and one APP-solute Control digital thermostat per heating zone.  You will also require a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone on which to download the app.  (Without the app, you can still adjust the temperature using the digital thermostat.) This product is an upgrade to the Electric Blackboard, Electric Cliff, Electric Gong!, Electric Outline, Electric Supermirror and Electric Woody radiators.  When you order one of these radiators, you can upgrade it to have an APP-solute Control integral receiver installed within the radiator.  This will enable the radiator to receive commands from the APP-solute control system.  Without the upgrade (surcharge on top of the radiator price), the radiator will just be on or off and you will be unable to adjust the temperature or programme a timer.  Please speak to our expert sales team for help with finding the best control system for your particular circumstances and radiator choices.

Lead Time: Approximately 6 to 10 weeks as integral to radiator

£156.00 £130.00
Last updated: 17/09/2020